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Safle creu gofod anadlu gan Alec Shepley

Ar y Ffram: Ffiws

Hannah Walters & Lucy Smith

Hydref 2023 – Ionawr 2024

Ffiws is a collaboration between ceramicist Hannah Walters and writer Lucy Smith. Over the last 7 months, they’ve been exploring the links between fungi and queer identities, combining their practices, and playing with forms, words, textures, and meanings. They are interested in how queer ideas connect with the movement and forms of mycelium, spores, and bursting fruiting bodies – both shifting, transformative and boundary-defying.

Safle creu gofod anadlu gan Alec Shepley

Safle Celf: Hollti a rhwymo / Cleave

Lesley James

21/10/23 - 25/11/23

Lesley James lives and works in North Wales. She is interested in surface traces, form, and in the physical and invisible barriers we create.
I find the quarry landscape fascinating, a visible result of both destruction and creation. The work explores the hand of the artist following the hands of the slate quarry workers, creating double sided rubbings of rock faces, walls, roofs and tools used in the slate industry.’

Safle creu gofod anadlu gan Alec Shepley


Veronica Calarco

Dr Veronica Calarco, studied printmaking at Australia National University and has a PhD in printmaking from Aberystwyth University. She is a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers and founder of Stiwdio Maelor, an artist residency program in Corris, which has its own print studio. She has recently returned from a 3-month lithography residency at Umbrella Studios in North Queensland and has been the lead artist in the project Molla Wariga / Gwrando Dwfn, working with artists from Wales, Ireland and Australia as part of the Arts Council of Wales Gwrando project. These prints were developed during the residency at Umbrella Studios in response to the Gwrando project. 900 baskets has been developing over the last 12 years and made of rejected prints from printmakers all over the world and found string.

@900 baskets

Safle celf


The British Society of Enamellers

The objective of our Society is to promote excellence in British enamelling and professional enamellers working in this country and abroad. The British Society of Enamellers has a broad membership, encompassing levels of expertise from enamel students to professional level enamellers.UK based, the BSOE has international connections and offers exhibition opportunities, bursaries, an online gallery, industry discounts, workshops and events for its members. Our aim is to promote the highest standards of contemporary design and workmanship in all aspects of this unique and exciting medium. OUR MISSION IS TO CONNECT, INSPIRE, SUPPORT AND PROMOTE THE PROFESSIONAL ENAMELLING COMMUNITY.

SAFLE CREU Alec Shepley Breathing Space


Breathing Space
Alec Shepley

Air is largely invisible and yet integral to our existence. It moves freely across borders and through bodies, resisting our attempts to define and contain it. The coronavirus pandemic highlighted air is a shared, intimate space that renders us vulnerable to infection. The air we breathe is a common space and the locus for my curiosity and play in this residency, as it relates to all things now and in the future, societal inequality, and shared responsibility. The aim of my pragmatic art projects is to connect with a community to bring together multiple layers of experience and this manifests itself in my work – words, picture, objects, films, sound etc. Through this ‘spatial information’ I aim to provide conversation pieces. I invite you to come in, take a seat and relax. Even have a lie down. And listen to the sound of your own breath. Enjoy.

Safle celf Agora



Welsh heritage, ritual, and the land

Creative interpretations of Welsh heritage, folklore, language, and landscapes—from ancient forests, mountain tops, to underwater realms. Rooted in sustainability, playful exploration, and a desire to nourish our personal and cultural connection to Wales.

Agora showcases new work by a range of contemporary artists, along with documentation of recent collaborative work made on location at Cadw heritage sites.

Abi Hubbard, Beth Greenhalgh, Catrin Davies, Catrin Menai, Clare Parry Jones, Dan Johnson, Dominique Fester, Ffion Reynolds, Georgia Ruth, Gwenno, Jen Abell, Lewis Prosser, Manon Awst, Peter Evans, Sarah Boulton, Sean Vicary, Teddy Hunter, Tess Wood.

Safle Celf Where the Light is


Where the Light is

Alla Chakir and Roman Nedopaka

Alla Chakir and Roman Nedopaka, a family of Ukrainian artists. Since the war began in their home country, they have found shelter, support, friendship, and love here in North Wales, but their souls are forever with Ukraine and the voice of their heart calls home...where the light is.

llwybrau celf uwch

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