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Mia Roberts

02/03/24 - 20/04/24

I Made a Cement Fort in the Back Yard

Mia’s practice relates to how the experience of Trans identity in rural areas effects autobiographical practice. 
Themes relate to sexuality, gender expression, abuse, addiction, depression, joy, family, local social identities (individual, personal and collective), suicide and loss.
It investigates the intersectional nature of how the identity of the self, and the identity of the collective can affect personal experience.

Oriel Caffi: Loz Anne

Oriel Caffi: Loz Anne

January - April

Showcase of abstract floral mixed media paintings and drawings by artist Loz Anne.

Safle creu gofod anadlu gan Alec Shepley

Ar Y Ffram / Y Wal / Derbynfa

Hooked: Ella Louise Jones

Ionawr/January – Ebrill/April

Ella Jones, a Welsh-born artist, specializes in creating interactive artworks exploring tactile perception's intricacies, distinguishing textures and shapes. Her artistic pursuits centre on fostering meaningful conversations, learning new skills, and crafting interactive, inclusive art for commissioned projects and exhibitions. The themes of play, curiosity, materiality, sustainability, and a profound connection to Welsh culture are the core of her artistic expression.

llwybrau celf uwch

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