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Here are the exhibitions currently in Galeri:

Safle Celf

Paul Eastwood

Veiled Speech
10/09/22 - 15/10/22

In Veiled Speech, Paul Eastwood exhibits a new series of tapestries that evoke the ruins of an imagined architecture. Monumental disassembled stone blocks are restacked to form new patterns. Some display fragments of Welsh inscriptions. Their weathered surfaces vie for attention with encroaching ivy.

deniseY Wal

Denise Laura Baker

Gweithredoedd, Nid Geiriau
31/08/22 - 10/10/22

Denise Laura Baker is an award-winning photojournalist and documentary photographer focusing on environmental and social issues, climate change, activism, and community. Her photographic and creative work draws on influences from her career as a visual artist, and her previous qualitative psychology career where she interviewed and collected the stories of the people with whom she worked. She continues to collect and tell stories though her photography, matching them with recorded or written dialogue and so empowering those with whom she collaborates.

Safle Creu


Jonathan & Dottie-may

21/09/22 - 08/10/22

Antagonym is a three-week collaborative residency between Dottie-may Aston and Jonathan Retallick. Antagonyms are words with two opposite meanings. The couple feel this accurately describes this project as they approach it from opposing creative perspectives. Their opposing figurative and abstract practices have been brought together to challenge both artists to create work powered by their own inspirations. It’s a synergy of ideas as well as an invitation to showcase their creativity and actively engage with visitors. The duo wishes to start that creative conversation while working intuitively together for the first time on a sculpture.

Oriel Caffi

Rhodri Ellis-Jones, Glenn Edwards, Roger Tiley & Kristina Banholzer

DocCymru: Prosiect Brexit

Doc Cymru is an exciting collaborative project involving four experienced photographers who have come together to document the effects that Brexit will have on Wales. A look into the stories of people from Wales’ communities and further afield, agriculture and interesting industries. What will happen in the years to come? Images to show the people of Wales the true effects. Here is the projects progress thus far, the photographers will be working towards completing the body of work by 2024 where they will be exhibiting at the Aberystwyth Art Centre as well as other venues.


Siop Cywrain

Adel Kay, Ann Catrin Evans, Crefftarian, EllyMental, Julie Mellor & Osian Efnisien
Jewellery and the Process

22/09/22 - 28/01/23

Galeri brings together a rich collection of 6 jewellery makers, showcasing their beautiful creations and the unique process that guides them. This exhibition explores the relationship the artists have with their process and will provide a unique insight into their practice from sketches and inspiration photos to their tools and experiements. Explore the inner minds of these jewellery artists and celebrate the skill, creativity and craftsmanship of the jewellery on display.

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