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Growing Pains


Cyfoes Menai Contemporary

22.04.23 – 27.05.23

Second year students work from the BA Fine Art and Foundation Degree (FdA) Art and Design Courses.

T R O I I I  A Residency and Exhibition


T R O I I I < A Residency and Exhibition

17/04/23 - 28/05/23

A collaborative art group formed in 2021 by artists Rita Ann, Brian Baker and Anthony Ynohtna.

TROIII<A was formed through mutual interests and shared experiences, realised during their studies at Glyndŵr University, Wrexham.

TROIII<A work both individually and collaboratively in a wide range of media and forms. Through a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary art, TROIII<A create works heavily inspired and influenced by the relationship between mental health, wellbeing and art practices. Each artist bring their individual experiences, approaches and perspectives to such themes, creating deeply personal yet accessible works.

Breach is a project through which the artists intend to bridge across binaries like depression and wellbeing, movement and stillness, materiality and spirituality, mind and body. They use a collaborative working practice to explore materials and forms, representing their experiences but also proposing new narratives and spaces for collective reflection.

Growing Pains


Kerry Baldry

Personal Codes and Unknown Worlds

21/04/23 - 29/05/23

Kerry Baldry is a multi-disciplinary artist. The paintings showing on Y Wal have been inspired by the landscape around her studio in Nantlle, North Wales.
She is interested in the process of painting, the way different colours and marks have the ability to convey emotions. She paints, removes, scrapes away multiple layers, adding paint and continually reworking. This process allows her to combine both control and spontaneity to convey intense inner landscapes through the act of improvisation and intuition, juxtaposing colour and texture into a wide variety of forms and emotional energy.

Growing Pains

Y Ffram

Rachael Smith

Growing Pains

25/04/23 – July 2023

Growing Pains portrays my ongoing journey from a former-trapeze artist, to a disabled artist. My experiences of disabilities left me feeling like I’m hanging in suspension, uncomfortable and separate, though pushing through limits has ultimately instigated an embracing of a different perspective. This experience is depicted by the upside down, hanging figurative sculptures, showing struggle & disorientation experienced by so many of us. I have experienced such challenges, they can deepen our understanding of life, self, and fuel passions within us. I hope to relate with others and inspire, that life doesn’t end with diagnosis or isolation, but rather shifts & transforms. The raw textures of the ceramic body, combined with the subtlety of the figures missing arms, represent “Invisible disability” often not seen at first glance but with more scrutiny become evident, showing that perfection is only a perspective. At the head of the figure is a blooming new flower, giving a sense emerging, full of passion, acknowledging new wonders and beauty in the world.

Oriel Caffi

Oriel Caffi

Gwen Owen
07/03/23 – 15/05/23

Finding hidden gems

For me, the landscape is engaging and inspirational; it changes at every moment, temperature, wind, light colour, texture, nature and sound. It is here I find energy both physically and mentally. During the pandemic, I valued my landscape even more and counted myself lucky I was able to escape frequently for walks along an old disused railway track that runs through trees and farmlands. My body of works comes from this soulful creative place. They are not about perfection, comparison, or fear but one of self-discovery. They are about experimenting, play, gestural mark making, going with the flow, recalling memories, observations and capturing moments and slice of time.

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