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Safle Celf: CYSWLLT

Safle Celf: MEXICO

Anna Higson a Chris Higson

01/06/24 - 27/07/24

An exhibition exploring painting and photography
'Mexico' is an exhibition showcasing the latest works in our ongoing project. Following a recent research trip to Mexico in 2023 both artists have created work inspired by some of the many core aspects of a diverse and culturally important country. Focusing on community, food and religion using paint, photography and mixed media



30/04/23 – 15/07/24 

Jenny Alderton is a Welsh-based interdisciplinary artist, working with movement, video, and installation.
VHS is a material created to capture, retain, and replay moments. Seemingly obsolete now, but upon which traces of stories and memories are nevertheless still held.
“HOMEVIDEO | VIDEOHOME” invites contemplation on the unreliability of memory. Recording mediums such as VHS are subject to degradation, loss, or technological obsolescence. Our own memories are similarly fragile, being malleable and subject to unconscious adjustments. Over time our memories change. Thus, every moment experienced is unique, and no memory or recording can completely relive it or reliably recount details indefinitely.

Y Wal: New Drawings and Paintings by Bill Kneale

Y Wal: New Drawings and Paintings by Bill Kneale

01/05/24 - 08/07/24

I am aware of how homes we love are transient. Houses and cottages become part of their background, especially when local materials have been used. The build and location are subject to terrain and prevailing weather. Each painting originates from on-site sketching and photos, then a journey develops into an acrylic statement.

Oriel Caffi: Loz Anne

Oriel Caffi: Loz Anne

January - April

Showcase of abstract floral mixed media paintings and drawings by artist Loz Anne.

llwybrau celf uwch

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