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Here are some of the past exhibitions at Galeri:

Safle Celf

Cofis Dre & Co

30.04.22 – 04.06.22

Ann Lawrence, Chris Upmalis, Ellie Hennessey, Gisselle Mayorga, Julian O'Dwyer, Kar Rowson, Lisa Ann Williams, Lucy Ann Jones, Meg Jôs, Morgan Wyn, Petra Goetz, Rhiannon Fograty-Wilkinson, Shauna Taylor, Shirley Fahy, Tara Louise, Zack Robinson

‘Cofis Dre & Co’ is an exhibition showcasing 16 BA Fine Art students from Coleg Menai enabling them to explore personal themes, ideas and creative concerns through a wide variety of disciplines which include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking and multimedia activity.

Safle Celf


Raising the Bar Pop-up Shop
08/04/22 – 11/06/22

Raising the Bar is a scheme for 16 - 24 year olds who want to develop their art skills. It includes a creative workshops and professional training with the initiative of preparing our young people for a career in the creative world. Local professional artist Heledd Owen and Menai Rowlands lead the project with the young people and supported to create new collections of products. Creative workshops to learn and develop coaching, creation, marketing and branding skills.

Creative young people in the shop are Gwyndy, Lacey, Lili, Mia, Skliee, twmw, Mabon and Ithel

This project is being administered through Galeri Caernarfon in conjunction with Oriel Môn. The scheme is available to eligible Gwynedd and Anglesey young people. The project was funded by Galeri Caernarfon, the Isle of Anglesey County Council and the Arts Council of Wales.

Safle Celf

Y Wal

Derek Crawford

20/04/22 – 30/05/22

These images were initially created as photograms, a simple darkroom process in which the subjects are placed directly onto photographic papers, exposed to light projected from an enlarger, then processed in standard colour photochemistry. The resulting prints were selectively scanned at high resolution and enlarged digitally, for presentation as gallery scale archival pigment inkjet prints.

Safle Celf

Safle Celf


Haf Weighton

12/03/22 – 23/04/22

Around the time of the pandemic people started to look around them and reflect on their domestic surroundings in a different way. Haf Weighton is better known for her facades of buildings using her trade mark print, paint and stitch. But for this solo exhibition at Galeri she has looked at life behind the doors.

Y Wal

Y Wal

Whats on your mind?

Menai Rowlands

02/03/22 – 18/04/22


The work explores themes of identity and our individual perceptions of the world around us. They also explore the idea that our identity is built upon memories, which are often distorted and manipulated. But through creativity and communication we can find a common ground of connection and empathy for one another.


Safle CREU

Safle CREU


Anthony Harrison, Connor Williams, Courtnie Savannah, Hari Cennin Roberts, Kev Curtis, Kirsty Reid, Nika Petelinek, Sophie Beddow, Thomas Jones

by Picsil8


Picsil8 is a photography collective that centres on ideas of individual expression. The group encompasses a broad range of disciplines that include traditional film and dark room skills, as well as cutting edge lens based digital technologies.





Llio James, Lowri Drakley, Anna Pritchard, Samantha Jones

05/02/22 – 31/03/22


PWYTH celebrates 4 Welsh textile artists whom work with traditional techniques but create creative contemporary blankets. Anna Pritchard from Gwynedd with a deep connection with the land, grew up on a dairy farm and is one of the oldest farming families still living in the Ogwen Valley. This has a huge influence on the designs of her fabrics. Her passion for colours, patterns and textures is seen in her work. The idea of continuing the ancient traditions of the Welsh woollen mills, weaving and knitting is important to her. Llio James's exceptional work is inspired from the marine landscape around her; investigating the colour and pattern of nautical banners, as well as studying the old weaving patterns of our traditional cloth. The work comes deep from Llio's background and history and from the origins of the wool industry and its legacy to us today. Lowri Drakley base on Ynys Mon is a contemporary quilter and painter using a botanical dye with ingredients gathered around her home. It follows its vision and responds to its dream and its need to reconnect with the natural world, by exploring nature and discovering its environmental identity. Samantha Jones is a quilt maker using traditional methods to create contemporary quilts. Samantha is a firm believer in makers sharing their skills and has a strong interest in heritage and the long-established history of quilting in Wales.


Safle Celf

Sarah Ryder

Feet. Brain. Back Again.

25/01/22 – 05/03/22

For over 20 years Ryder has worked with a variety of materials to test out concepts of expanded painting, often making 2D works that transform into 3D. Underpinned by notions of imperfection, temporality, the structure of systems, and the balance of chaos and control, Ryder’s processes fluctuate between playful and contemplative – both states being equal to, and dependent on the other.

Y Wal

Mia Roberts

She let me play the organ

20/01/22 – 28/02/22


The intention within Mia’s work is to combine a multitude of personal and observed narratives into one composition. This results in an amalgamated image that ultimately gives the viewer the power to define what the piece in question means to them. It also allows the release of personal experiences subliminally within the work without influencing observers with clearly demonstrated ideological leanings. Even though the practice is deeply personal, it is important that the viewer makes their own narrative and conclusion upon viewing.

Mia is a trans-feminine artist working within the North Wales region who’s work primarily revolves around micro cultures, localism, social projects, sexuality, masculinity, mental health and addiction.

Safle CREU

LHBT+ GISDA X Galeri presents

Moral Universe

05/02/22 – 28/02/22

Guest Artists:

Anthony Shapland

Eden Grant Dodd

Jasper Dawson clough

Katherine Fiona Jones

Lee green

Mia Roberts


2021 Open Exhibition

04/12/21 - 15/01/22

sponsored by Gwyn a Mary Owen

Galeri’s annual Open exhibition offers an opportunity for anyone of any age – whether a professional artist, student or someone who creates art in their spare time to be part of a special exhibition in Galeri.

With thanks to the exhibition sponsors, Gwyn and Mary Owen,
£1,000 judges choice
£400 highly commended
£250 people’s choice

Selected by : Alan Whitfield, Darren Hughes, Rebecca Hardy-Griffith and Naomi Saunders


Alys Gwynedd

Ashley Cooke

Booker Skelding

Carrie Francis

Carwyn Jones

Catrin Gwilym

Catrin Menai

Cerys Knighton

Chris Higson

Dane Briscoe

David Garner
Diana Williams

Dottie-may Aston

Ella Louise Jones

Gareth Berwyn

Jenny Murray

João Saramago

Laura Ducker

Leigh Sinclair

Lena Aires


Lesley James

Lora Gwyneth

Lowri Drakely

Lleucu Non

Llinos Owen

Llyr Evans

Manon Awst

Mared Parry

Marian Haf

Owain McGilvary


Paddy Faulker

Paul Vining

Phillip Jones

Raji Salan

Roger Lougher

Ruth Jen Evans

Rhiannon Gwyn

Rhys Aneurin

Sam Hayes

Tara Dean

Verity Pulford


Gwen Vaughan

Something and Nothing
15/10/21 – 27/11/21

New exhibition of abstract paintings by Anglesey based artist. One group of Gwen’s artworks is exploring the democracy of the grid as a source of calm, whilst playing with colour and doorways.
Another group uses patterns from different areas - music notation, geometry and chance processes.

Rhi Moxon

Safle Celf

Nerys Jones

Dros Ben Llestri
23/10/21 – 27/11/21

Traditionally through textiles women expressed themselves by sewing and embroidery to create useful things for the home. But the issues that matter to women today are very different from our grandmothers. Nerys' artwork seeks to explore these issues by creating a personal response. The work is a reflection of Nerys' upbringing in rural Wales and also the small trivial things, a shopping message on the back of an envelope, the apron on the back of a door, sayings in Welsh. Welsh cloth patterns and images of kitchen furniture.

There's humor to the work too, Nerys creates unhelpful pieces, for example the aprons made from chip shop forks and the ironic use of the saying "best art in the world: good woman." the tablecloths are not practical, for example the piece adorned with fine beads mimics a mark burned by an iron. Also trying to imitate the idea of "bottom drawer", which is the collection of art and materials women would collect in preparation for their marital lives.

It is said that people spend less than 6 seconds looking at artwork in an exhibition. The way people look and react to the work is important to Nerys, that they notice the hidden objects, read the sayings embroidered on the pieces and appreciate the hand and machine stitches in the work.

Instagram: @nerysjonescelf

Safle Celf

Lisa Carter Grist
Book Lungs, Scenes and Sketches
04.09.21 – 16.10.21

Lisa Carter

This exhibition brings together new works on canvas and board and paintings on paper with selected fragments of text. Evolving from the feelings and imagery evoked by literature these works were mostly made during lockdown in 2020 and early 2021. Lisa Carter Grist’s paintings reveal suggestions of scenes, scapes and emotions within their often apparently abstract surface. Referential allusions to imaginary landscapes, stages, window frames, figures and objects are acknowledged during the process of painting.

Y Wal

Rhi Moxon
Dragonfly Diaries
04.09.21 – 14.10.21

A collection of work by the illustrator, printmaker and graphic artist – Rhi Moxon.

Rhi Moxon

I'r Byw