Gŵyl Ffilm PICS Film Festival

For several years we have been presenting a flm festival for children and young people in February that includes:

However, due to the pandemic, the festival in 2021 will have to be slightly different (for obvious reasons).

We kick things off over the Christmas and New Year period – with film reviewer and educator Dion Wyn Hughes presenting film literacy sessions (through the medium of Welsh) online as part of “Clwb PICS”.

These sessions will provide an insight into film literacy – that will provide the viewers with information as to what makes a “good” film and how it stands out. The session will discuss the importance of the plot/story the role music plays, colours and look at the film’s characters.

2 films have been selected and will be discussed:

MOANA (showing on BBC1, 24.12.20 @ 12:35)
Dion’s session/presentation will be on Youtube from 13:00, Monday, 28.12.20.
**this session has been tailored for children in school years 5-6, but everyone welcome to view

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (showing on BBC1, 01.01.21 @ 23:25)
Dion’s session/presentation will be on Youtube from 13:00, Sunday, 03.01.21.
** this session has been tailored for children/young people in school years 7, 8 & 9 in particular

As we continue to plan and schedule the offer for PICS, please feel free to contact us with your suggestions and ideas:

We would like to thank Ffilm Cymru for their continued support.