Canfas is a new project developed and led by Galeri Caernarfon Cyf. The concept of the project is to give the whole community an innovative opportunity to record its unique identity in the spaces and fabric of the town's own construction and an opportunity to hear voices that have not been heard before.

Our history has been told by others and this is an opportunity to convey how we see ourselves in a very visible way. Not just looking back at the past but being confident in an inclusive and innovative identity when imagining the future. There is an opportunity to offer a number of different types of interventions that touch on:

This is a project that wants to improve the appearance and raise the environmental quality of the town and introduce light, greenery and nature to bleak spaces.

The project is one that includes empty spaces throughout the town - not just the town centre but also the communities outside the town centre which include a number of housing estates.

The project links regeneration with the arts; the town centre with the housing estates; freelance artists with the community and identity with the environment.

Thanks to the funding schemes Connect and flourish, Arts Council and Transforming Towns, Gwynedd Council.