Mwrdwr ar y Maes


Close the doors and lets have a bit of hush please! The latest Bara Caws Club Show is about to begin… 

Bara Caws has a long tradition of presenting this particular genre of show which appeals to a wide variety of people - funny, irreverent and very close to the bone… 

So, this year, we are pleased to announce that Cwmni 303 has been hard at work once again writing a new show, and now we are proud to present Mwrdwr ar y Maes (Murder on the Field) by Iwan Charles and Llyr Evans.

On the face of it, the Eisteddfod has been semi-successful, and a lot of boxes have been ticked... It's Friday and the pavillion is packed, but disaster strikes. In the middle of the Chairing Ceremony the Archdruid falls dead... there is a murderer on the field!

Join Hank Ginsberg and Shandy O'Neill as they try to solve the mystery...

19:30 - Tuesday, 16 July Tickets

19:30 - Wednesday, 17 July Tickets