Art Space:

The Dress
by Krisitna Banholzer

11.01.19 - 24.02.19

Safle Celf

It’s the biggest day of her life - but what does the bride’s dress say about her?
About her hopes, fears, identity, family, culture, past and future?
Why did she choose it and what has changed since then?

An exhibition of realistic photographic documentation of local brides in their dresses by documentation photographer Krisitina Banholzer.

The exhibition will be officially opened on Friday – 11 January at 18:30 by Lisa Gwilym.

Y Wal:

To Love or ‘Knot’ to Love
by Diana Williams

Y WalAn new exhibition by Diana Williams, the story of Santes Dwynwen, the patron saint of lovers in Wales through creative free stitching.

The work will be on display from 11.01.19 until 22.02.19.

Safle Creu:

21.12.18 - 20.01.19


Arddangosfa sydd yn dangos penllaw a canlyniadaur gwaith datblygu artistiaid fel rhan o brosiect prwswyliadau CARNafan.

Ers dwy flynedd, mae carafan arbennig CARNafan wedi cael ei ddefnyddio gan artistiaid amrywiol fel gofod preswylio i artistiaid greu a datblygu gwaith newydd. Dyma arddangosfa sydd yn arddangos gwaith yr artistisaid hynny, sef:
Alan Whitfield, Eve Goodman, Ffion Pritchard, Gill Murray, Rebecca F. Hardy, Rhona Bowey Brito a Rita Ann Jones.

Cynhelir yr agoriad swyddogol a lansiad ymgyrch “Kickstarter” newydd CARNafan ar nos Wener, 21.12.18 am 17:30. Croeso cynnes i bawb!

Mi fydd yr arddangosfa yn y Safle Creu tan 20 Ionawr (Galeri am fod ar gau 25 – 27 Rhagfyr a 1 Ionawr).

Am ragor o wybodaeth: ///

Cywrain: Tide

05.01.19 – 30.04.19

Cywrain - Llanw

‘Cywrain’ is a project for applied arts and contemporary craft and design, celebrating makers and artists from the Celtic regions at Galeri since 2013. We are delighted that since opening the new extension, Cywrain is able to expand from the glass cabinets into a purpose-built space located in the main reception area – providing further opportunities for artists/makers to exhibit and sell their work.

The theme for this opening season is Llanw (Tide) – with 10 makers presenting work influenced by this special theme – the light, colour, energy of the waves, seascapes and the life of the shoreline.

It showcases a range of art-forms - textiles, glass, wood, metal, ceramic, jewellery and print.

Exhibiting this term are:
Katy Mai Ceramics, Callie Jones Illustrations, Jane Williams, Beca Fflur, Karen Williams, Glosters, Amy Cooper, Debbie Rudolph, Rachel Stowe, Irene + Edith

Interested in exhibiting your work here in Galeri?

Please contact our art and craft coordinator to discuss the application process and for further information:
01286 685 208

I'r Byw