I, Daniel Blake (15)


After carpenter Daniel is told by his doctor that he’s unfit for work, he applies for disability benefit. However, when the Department for Work and Pensions interview him over the phone it’s decided that he’s ineligible. Humiliatingly labelled a scrounger when he is anything but, Daniel comes up against further absurdities of the welfare state. Meanwhile, he befriends single mother Katie, new to Newcastle and also suffering on the breadline.


Overwhelmingly moving and a stark reminder of the profound injustices of life in contemporary Britain, a brutality that drove director Ken Loach out of retirement to expose.


Tickets for this screening are not available online. To book, call 01286 685 222. Ticket prices will increase to £2.50 each on the day of the screening.


28.11.2017 | 19:30 - Tickets