Yn Blwmp ac yn Blaen


To celebrate reaching the age of promise I want to venture back to the stage freelance and on my own this time. I hasten to say that it is not the arrival of a certain age that has driven me this year but the fact that I received a lovely gift by post a few weeks before the first big lockdown of 2020. Opening the parcel and discovering that it was a one-man play specially written for me by my dear friend, Aled Jones Williams, inside eased quite a bit on the isolated weeks of April and May 2020.

I had the opportunity to stage it to a limited audience with Theatr Bara Caws when covid 19 was still creating its mess on the country's wide audiences. The White Man was originally part of a trilogy entitled Voices and those performances will be shown on the Bara Caws website shortly. But I was reluctant to let the play go and I only had a chance to perform it for four nights. Me and the white man are old and I really hope you come along and see us on a really important journey in my career. Aled wants to join me a few nights for a chat and I'll also be launching and reading a few chapters of my autobiography, Bluntly, to close my presentation.
Aled says of Voices: 'I stress that they are not for Cofid! But... of that time the task. So in them there is a sense of paranoia and of a world where people live under threat that often verges on violence.'

19:30 - Thursday, 30 November Tickets