Dwyn i Gof


A thought-provoking take on this omnipresent topic combines humour and tragedy, in Dwyn i Gof(Bring to Mind)Meic Povey’s last play for Bara Caws.


Huw and Bet have been married for 40 years and their only child, Gareth, is about to marry Cerys. There are arrangements to be made. Huw insists on taking part, but with his mind slowly disintegrating secrets old and new could be disclosed. But is Huw quite as bad as he seems? How does Bet cope with her situation? Why is Gareth so obsessed with ‘the sins of the fathers’, and does Cerys see the father reflected in the son?

Age guide: 16+


Cast: Gwenno Hodgkins, Llion Williams, Rhodri Meilir a Sara Gregory

Director: Betsan Llwyd

19:30 - Tuesday, 9 October Tickets

19:30 - Wednesday, 10 October Tickets