NY Met: The Exterminating Angel (Ades)


Take a seat at the strangest dinner party of your life. The servants have absconded; the ragout is all over the floor; there’s a bear in the garden; your fellow guests are rapidly descending into savagery; and most mysteriously of all, no one seems able to leave.


British composer Thomas Adès (The Tempest) conducts the American premiere of his latest opera. This black comedy, with shades of JG Ballard/Ben Wheatley’sHigh-Rise, is based on the screenplay of Luis Buñuel’s 1962 surrealist film. The cast is filled with established British names including Sally Matthews, Sophie Bevan, Alice Coote, Christine Rice, Iestyn Davies and John Tomlinson.


Estimated duration: 2” 27m

Performed in English

18.11.2017 | 17:55 - Tickets