Phil Scraton: The Truth


On 15 April 1989, 96 men women and children, fans of Liverpool Football Club, died in controversial circumstances at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield.Despite compelling evidence to the contrary, within days an increasingly hostile media attributed responsibility to the fans. The initial inquest verdict was accidental death. In 2012 the comprehensive Hillsborough Independent Panel report exonerated the fans and its detailed findings included a major critique of the media's role. It led to new inquests, to the verdicts of unlawful killing, 25 criticisms of the authorities and full exoneration of the fans.The talk and conversation will focus on press coverage in the aftermath of the disaster - now discredited - and subsequent media coverage in creating and sustaining a negative portrayal of Merseyside and Liverpool in particular.


Professor Phil Scraton headed the Hillsborough Project, 1989-1995, published two extensive reports and then in 1999 the first edition of his definitive book, Hillsborough: The Truth. He worked with bereaved families and survivors throughout their campaign, was head of research on the Hillsborough Independent Panel and principal author of its 2012 ground-breaking Report. Advisor to the families' legal teams throughout the inquests, the new edition of his book is recently published.


01.10.2017 | 19:30 - Tickets